The Dashin is the magical sword owned by Padraic Duana, used throughout his career as a Marshal, and later employed by Elias Duana. It is implied to be of foreign (non-Agian) manufacture, similar perhaps to the Japanese katana, as it does not appear in a form like any other sword typical of the continent, which would likely include traditionally Western types such as the rapier, saber, scimitar, and so on.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The scabbard is crafted of a light and durable metal, finished with gleaming crimson flecked with black.

The sword sports a braided, leather hilt that is elongated to accomodate a two-handed grip, as well as an ovular guard. Runic figures are etched into the base of the blade.

Magical PropertiesEdit

When Elias first holds the sword, the magical runes featured on the blade become imprinted upon the underside of his forearm.

During combat with Slade Kezia, the sword is shown to be capable of both destroying his magic and reflecting it back upon him.