Padraic Duana is the father of Elias Duana and Danica Duana, and husband of the late Edora Duana. A former Marshal, he has retired to a family farm in Knoll Creek and works with his son as a distiller of the famed Knoll Creek Whiskey.

He is close friends with Doctor Phinneas Crowe, who has likewise retired to Knoll Creek.

Life as a MarshalEdit

At some point during Padraic's career as a Marshall, he met and later married Edora, who may have also been a Marshal, or perhaps a different sort of agent for the crown.

He was trained by a duelist from Peidra, learning the passata-sotto gambit, a risky feint maneuver.

The DashinEdit

Sometime during his work as a Marshal, Padraic becomes the owner of The Dashin, a sword of exotic make and considerable magical power.