Sworn to the crown of Galacia, the Marshals were tasked with enforcing crown law. Historically, they were trained in the arts of magic as well as swordplay, and made use of enchanted accoutrements to aid in their abilities to track, capture, or defeat magically-powered threats. The organization fell out of use as the country came under the protection of more bureaucratic constabulary, sometime during or immediately after the Quarter-Century War.

The Marshal's AccoutrementsEdit

Marshals made use of several pieces of equipment, both as signs of their office and as gear to aid in their tasks as lawmen for the crown. Among these items are the badge, hat, duster, and gloves.

The Marshal's BadgeEdit

Also known as the Marshal's Shield, this blue steel badge is shaped like a kite shield. It bears the heraldry of House Denar: a stag standing in front of a tree with a circle of seven stars caught in its boughs, the words En Targa in a banner below this.

In the novel Reckoning, Elias Duana discovers that the badge is enchanted to detect lies told to a Marshal.

The Marshal's HatEdit

A rancher’s hat, really, wide brimmed and falling out of fashion in Galacia.

It is unclear if this was a typical piece of clothing for Marshals, or if this is something unique to Elias and Padraic Duana.

The Marshal's DusterEdit

This is a brown, leather longcoat, featuring a removable, thick fur lining on the inside.

In the novel Reckoning, Elias Duana discovers that the duster is able to effectively turn away attacks from light blades. Whether this is due to hidden armored plating or magical enchantment is unclear.

The Marshal's GlovesEdit

These brown, leather gloves provide both warmth and effective defensive padding for the dangers of sword combat. They are designed such that they do not noticeably limit the Marshal's manual dexterity.