Aradur is one of the countries located on the continent of Agia. It features a significant amount of desert land, filled with tribes. There are other principalities outside of the desert tribes.


Though not quite as well-known for grain as Galacia, Aradur is noted as having valuable grain stocks, and is quite wealthy, presumably from its long history with magic.


Aradur maintains some trade with Ittamar, established during the reign of Baruch Rachman, High King of Ittamar.

Many beliefs revolving around magic seem to originate, or became popular, in Aradur. For instance, it was the Aradurian Mystics, an ancient order, that believed magic was manipulation of a metaphysical “tapestry” that infused everything. This order maintains its own language, known as Aradurian.

The Church of the One God is based in Aradur, with the Holy Father, the Shining One, as its head.

The scimitar is a favored weapon in Aradur.

Important LocationsEdit

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